hey, hope things are well! I have kind of a personal question and if you don't feel like answering I totally respect that, my curiosity is just too much. Austin and I saw that post on your tumblr about cheating on Ashley. I am so, so glad you guys are still together despite that but I gotta ask....what the heck?

For sure, and no, I don’t mind getting into it. I faltered hard on something hollow that i thought i wanted. But in actuality, it was nothing i wanted and certainly nothing i needed. I’ve had this big flirtation problem for awhile now, and with it comes this need to “push the envelope”. Granted, I’ve got a handle on it now, and I wont be slipping up again, for any reason. The amount of pain i could see in her eyes when everything came to light was just way too much to bear. I’m extremely lucky that she loves me as much as she does and wants this to work. That being said, I’m dedicated to her and her alone, now more than ever. I just wish that my dedication to the woman i love would never have been tested(all be it my own fault). Its absolutely asinine that It took such a huge fuck up to see what was really important, and I will do anything to keep the bond between us as strong as ever. In a way, i’m happy i got caught, that i had to spill my absolute everything. It was like getting a huge lump of poison out of me. Since then, I have thought of no one else besides her and i couldn’t be happier with her as my anchor. I know a lot of people would have been like “dump the fucker” and a few close friends advised her to do so, which i respect completely, but, were working through this(still) and building that trust. She knows, I know, that if anything ever ever ever happens like this again, even remotely close to this, it will be the end and we will go our separate ways, never seeing one another again… I can’t live that. I wont live with that. I’m hers, she is mine, and that’s all the world i need.